Get up to speed on the latest storytelling techniques from our expert storytellers and trainers. Boundless' network stretches across industries to help organizations use the best tools to share their stories.



Immersive Storytelling Overview

• Evaluate your organization's potential for immersive storytelling
• Learn the latest technology behind VR, AR and 360 Video
• Produce a short film in 360 video
• Train your team to use VR cameras, software and products
• Create frameworks for your organization to build immersive content

• Build a business strategy behind implementing VR, AR and 360 video
• Customized material for a company, news organization, non profit, or foundation
• Learn when to and when not to use VR, AR or 360 video for your projects


Workshop Itinerary

Day 1 - Planning

Day one of the workshop will be customized to your organization's goals. Whether you want to grow reach, reach specific audiences or build experiences based on a topic - we will help you and your team build the framework for developing immersive content. This includes: story generation, production schedules, budgeting, implementation and measurement.  

DAY 2 - Production

Depending on the experience you wish to produce, day two will be in the field with hands on training using the latest tools in 360 filmmaking to create your immersive experience. We will follow our planning guidelines created during day one to produce your organization's first story. This includes: hands-on camera experience, workflow training, stitching 360 video, editing 360 video and equirectangular graphics.

DAY 3 - Distribution

After a rough cut of your first immersive story is complete we will then build a distribution plan. This may include physical spaces, digital placement and advertising or a combination of traditional and new content strategies. The ultimate goal is to build a framework your organization can use for future projects. We will discuss best practices for augmented and virtual reality storytelling, as well.

Office Hours

After the workshop you will have office hours with Steve and Mitch to answer any questions you might have related to planning, production and distribution of immersive content. We will provide continuing guidance based on your organizations needs and budget.


Drop us a line

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We'll get back to you shortly to talk about how we can make the best use of your time and customize workshop content to fit your organization.



All workshops include the required equipment to produce the stories we are training with in the field. This includes cameras, lighting, 360 video and VR equipment along with support (tripods, mounts etc.).

We do not provide computers or smartphones for editing/publishing but will customize our workshops to your organization's workflow.



Steve Johnson is the founder of Boundless. By approaching storytelling as a tool rather than a product, his work focuses on how we can not only raise awareness of a particular topic but how we can use storytelling to drive social change.

Most recently, he has pioneered narratives in 360-degree video with The Weather Channel by taking audiences inside ice caves under glaciers with a climate scientist to explain how climate change is effecting the environment around us. Using this experience in immersive storytelling, he's worked with the universities across the world to develop curriculum to prepare their students for the next revolution in communications.


Mitch Gelman brings us a range of journalism and technology experience. As Chief Technology Officer at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., he spearheaded 360-degree video, augmented and virtual reality exhibits. As a reporter at New York Newsday, he shared in a Pulitzer Prize and later served as editor-in-chief at and as senior executive producer at, helping grow digital properties. He is co-author of “Viewing the Future? Virtual Reality in Journalism,” a Knight Foundation report that documented the application of VR in the news industry.