Planning/Producing 360 Video

Some housekeeping first…

Make sure to read Introduction to 360 Video and 360 Video Gear Guidebefore diving into this section.

Planning your Immersive Story

Shooting 360 video is actually quite easy. The stitching software (AutoPano Video Pro) has a fairly intuitive interface and does much of the heavy lifting for you.

Many photographers might look at this and go, “oh, that’s basically point and shoot/auto mode.” They are correct.

But there is one thing that is worse than boring video — that is boring 360 video.

Note: Yes, you don’t need as many shots as a tradition production. Some 360 projects have only one (see Facebook) and many others have 5-to-6 shots for a 3 min video. The caveat of this is that one shot, or even 5-to-6 shots must be compelling, in all directions, and show both detail and scale.

To Go 360 or Not to Go 360

So before we get bogged down in the particulars of producing 360 content, let’s jump back to what makes a great 360 video.

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Steven Johnson