It’s time to get serious about VR Video

t’s 2015 and I’ve just picked up my first GoPro-based 360 camera. It’s the Freedom360 F360 Explorer (a mouthful of a name) consisting of six GoPro Hero 4 Black cameras in underwater cases mounted on a cube.

Naturally, you experiment and try your best to put the camera in a place that seems interesting. Being the marching band fan that I am I decided to bring it to a college football game at the University of Florida.

It worked. It was cool. It had a lot of mistakes that many of us experimenting in this new medium have had.

And it is time to move on…

Since the fall of 2015 myself and my company Boundless have produced over 20 short 360 films from air boating in the Everglades of Florida to an in-depth look into how we study climate change from inside glaciers in Iceland.

In December of 2016, I wrote a short piece describing what was learned after a year producing 360 video.

The article goes over mistakes that were made and recommends cameras for production. I encourage you to read it and let me know what you think.

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