A Year in 360: Lessons learned shooting spherical video across the globe

It’s not every day you get to experiment with new forms of media. We’ve seen astonishing new ways to move the camera — from drones to gimbals — that can push the boundaries of photography and videography. We’ve seen the rise of in-depth podcasts from companies like Gimlet Media change the radio game. And news as a whole has seen drastic changes in distribution, from social networks to digital subscriptions.

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Facebook is winning the 360 platform war, and it’s not even close…

Trying new technology in storytelling is always a gamble and 360 video is not a unique bet.

We’ve seen the likes of Google Glass’ augmented reality, Lytro’s light field pictures and Soundslides fall into disarray as content producers quickly adopted them and users didn’t.

What is critical to the success of these tools — and their widespread adoption — is how well they integrate into the current media consumption landscape and how familiar a user is with navigating the story experience.

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