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Pros and cons of using augmented reality in the newsroom

Augmented reality (AR) has the power to bring a real sense of context to the reader - instead of just showing the aerial photograph, a map, or a satellite image of a particular area, you can offer your audience almost a first-hand experience by showing the details as well as the scale of an object.

"If, for example, you are discussing Lebanese cedars, the famous old trees that are dying out because of climate change, why not to put one in your front yard just to see how large and significant it is?," suggested Steve Johnson, founder of an AR production company SeeBoundless. 

"You know the size of your house or your car. When you put an object next to it, your brain is now processing a contextualised image in relation to what you are already familiar with, as opposed to the size of the screen of a desktop or a smartphone."

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Quartz Launches The 2050 Project - First AR Journalism Series

From Bolivia to Pittsburgh, Quartz sent reporters around the world to explore innovative architecture that helps solve challenges of urban living. By capturing 360 degree videos using drone technology, videographer and photographers Steve Johnson and Melissa Lyttle provided stunning footage of each structure that the Quartz team developed into interactive AR models embedded within each article page.

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