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Using Drone Photogrammetry for News

News organizations have been pushing technological boundaries for more than a century to deliver content to audiences in new ways that increase understanding of editorial content and the value of the product.

Cost and computing power have historically been the two largest barriers to entry to photogrammetry in news production. However, news producers can now create accurate and detailed maps, objects and tools for audiences to interact with and consume all because of the advancement of consumer cameras, drones and efficient algorithmic photogrammetry software, both locally and cloud based.

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DIS Berlin - Building AR Journalism Projects for Top Media Brands of Various Sizes

Drone photogrammetry: how we can take consumer drones and smartphones to build complex augmented reality objects - on budget and on deadline. The team at SeeBoundless have scanned objects from the mountains of Taiwan to the remote highlands of Bolivia to show audiences just how diverse cities can be as a part of the first journalism AR series. After months of research and development, their process of photogrammetry takes a matter of hours and can be used across a diverse set of mobile websites, apps and platforms to bring objects, buildings, art and landscapes right into audience’s living rooms.

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