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Quartz Launches The 2050 Project - First AR Journalism Series

From Bolivia to Pittsburgh, Quartz sent reporters around the world to explore innovative architecture that helps solve challenges of urban living. By capturing 360 degree videos using drone technology, videographer and photographers Steve Johnson and Melissa Lyttle provided stunning footage of each structure that the Quartz team developed into interactive AR models embedded within each article page.

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Can a Trash Can Reveal a Community’s Values?

One of the most striking cultural symbols upon arriving in Copenhagen is the sheer number of cyclists navigating city streets—in fact bicycles outnumber cars!

But during my recent visit, it was the trash cans that actually caught my eye.

Just as in many U.S. cities, Copenhagen’s citizens can return used bottles and cans for cash. But, unlike other cities, Copenhagen’s trash cans are equipped with small “deposit” shelves on the outside to place recyclables. This provides an easier, safer, and more sanitary way of collecting discarded cans. Instead of digging through trash cans overflowing with smelly garbage and sharp glass, collectors can easily retrieve bottles and cans from these exterior shelves.

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