A Year in 360: Lessons from Shooting Spherical Video Across the Globe

It’s not every day you get to experiment with new forms of media. We have seen astonishing new ways to move the camera from drones to gimbals which can push the boundaries of photography and videography. 


We have seen the rise of in-depth podcasts from companies like Gimlet Media change the radio game. And news as a whole has seen drastic changes in distribution from social networks to digital subscriptions. But with 360 video, we had to invent the techniques and write the book ourselves—all while in the middle of trying to produce quality content.

It started for me when The Weather Channel asked me to shoot some 360 content during my trips to Iceland and Norway this February. I quickly got in touch with some colleagues and arranged for a guide to take myself and a climate scientist into a glacier to show our audiences what work is being done to study Earth’s changing climate.

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