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About Us

SeeBoundless is a tech lab + design studio + communication firm that works with world-renowned organizations to build new storytelling experiences.

Our unparalleled processes have led us to create many “firsts” in the intersections of storytelling and technology.

Building on our proprietary processes, we help design, produce and distribute award-winning stories that reach millions of people across the globe.

More importantly, our work is rooted in self-discovery. We help design stories that allow audiences to learn about the world around them in ways they have never before. We care about context and making sure the highest ethical standards are applied throughout all parts of the process. 

We’ve taken millions of people into the glaciers of Iceland with leading climate scientists to experience first hand how our environment is changing. 

Our work in education has allowed tens of thousands of high school students in North Carolina go to college via virtual reality. They can sit in on classes, build experiments with professors, attend sporting events and socialize with future classmates before even filling out an application - all to help increase retention rates among first generation college students.

And most recently, we’ve built virtual worlds through groundbreaking processes that let us bring natural wonders, architectural marvels, breaking news events, historic artifacts (to scale) and works of art into your living room for you to learn, explore and create.

All of this is done to better connect our world which can lead to a greater understanding of others.

We couldn’t be more proud of the partnerships we’ve built, the stories we’ve told and the tens of millions of viewers, readers, students and explorers we’ve touched with our work.


“We don’t design our stories to be ‘clicked’ or ‘viewed’ or ‘impressed’ on our audiences - we design them to be understood and to build context. ”

Steve Johnson  |  Founder


We Believe

We believe the most challenging problems can be solved through designing solutions. How we intentionally plan to share information to a specific audience needs a blueprint that helps us envision a step-by-step guide into the discovery process.

As we deliver information we must plan not only how to tell a story, but exactly how we intend an audiences to receive it, experience it and learn from it.

SeeBoundless is committed to providing services that are both effective and have a positive impact on social and environmental well being.

We use the best platforms, technologies and storytelling tools to share truths.


Creating great stories is not enough. We sit down with every partner and work out three key specifics before starting any production: who is our audience (protip: it’s never “everyone”), what do we want them to do with this information and how do we want them to get it?

This allows us to build a blueprint for not just how a story is going to told, but how we can best use the information we’re gathering to help our audience understand something better.

Believing these problems can be solved through creativity and collaboration is key - but at the end of the day it is about people. How a person will use our stories for good.

It’s not easy. It doesn’t solve a problem instantly. But we know it will help created a deeper understanding of a topic.

We don’t design our stories to be “clicked” or “viewed” or “impressed” on our audiences - we design them to be understood and to build context. 

We hope you feel the same way and you’ll give us a shout to build something great.


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